Lady Belle “LB” Barker 3/28/14–2/25/22

LB was adopted as “Fiesta” on 6/22/14 in Cookeville, Tennessee. I was 22, less than a month post grad, working my first Big Girl Job™️, living in supporter housing with a complete stranger, over over 500 miles away from my childhood home and nearly 1000 miles away from the city I considered home.  That’s whereContinue reading “Lady Belle “LB” Barker 3/28/14–2/25/22″


Better to dance with the devil you know than the angel you do not. That is what “They Say”. It is often a perfectly reasonable excuse when a person returns to people or situations that cause suffering rather than attempt the new thing—the hard thing—that *could* bring the person contentment.  Essentially, the old behavior isContinue reading “ADAGES ABOUND”

The Art of the Celebrity Advocate : Celebrity, Philanthropy and Politics

5/20/14 Just a year ago, Lady Gaga beat Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling as well as Barack Obama in TIME Magazine’s “Most Influential Icon of the Decade” poll. She came second only to Burmese freedom fighter Aung San Suu Kyi. This poll was open to the public and thousands of her fans, “Little Monsters” asContinue reading “The Art of the Celebrity Advocate : Celebrity, Philanthropy and Politics”

Some Like It Hot

Performed live at Louder Than A Mom 7/15/19 Today in 2019 you can type in “thick thighs” and the first thing that’ll come up is “saves lives”. We’re in a quote un quote “body positive” moment. I’m not going to get into the fact that a majority of the world is still fatphobic because IContinue reading “Some Like It Hot”

Fashioning an Identity and the Culture of Clothing

Rationale for Colloquium April 2014 I transferred to Gallatin after my first four semesters as a student in the Liberal Studies program so I could focus on identity cultivation and clothing. After studying how art history impacted culture and how culture impacted art for three semesters in a series of core classes called Cultural Foundations,Continue reading “Fashioning an Identity and the Culture of Clothing”

Creating Intimacy through Traditional Irish Music in Waking Ned Devine

Intro to Celtic Music Film Paper 11/25/13 The music featured in Kirk Jones’ 1998 “Waking Ned Devine” ranges from live music being played at a pub while the characters converse, to background music composed by Shaun Davey and Kirk Jones to set the mood, to the crossover popular traditional Irish music song “Fisherman’s Blues” writtenContinue reading “Creating Intimacy through Traditional Irish Music in Waking Ned Devine”


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